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Elevate Care Standards

Leverage evidence-based, innovative technology to modernize wellness and preventive care standards in your veterinary practice.

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Veterinarians are well positioned to use genetics in ways that maximize the healthspan of their patients through earlier detection and prevention of disease.

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Achieve a sophisticated level of individualized medicine that is accessible and affordable to both veterinarians and pet parents.

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Give your clients the ability to better understand their pets' health and well-being through deeper insights—providing both financial and emotional benefits for everyone involved.

Why Basepaws Veterinary






  Basepaws helped pioneer the field of feline genetics.

In 2016, we became pioneers in feline genetics, an historically understudied and underfunded field. Since then, we launched the first of its kind oral health test for cats and built the world’s largest feline genomic and oral microbiome database. This work has become the solid foundation upon which we are building our canine research and development program to help even more pet parents and their veterinary care teams.  We are now leading the way with research and products for canine genetics, including the most advanced dog DNA breed and health tests using the most modern technology.

 Basepaws is committed to research and discovery.

Our work with genetics is not limited to breed analysis and insights. With every sample collected, Basepaws is building a comprehensive database that is being used to advance some of the most important research in animal health.  We partner with pet owners, veterinary practices, academic institutions, and scientific research partners to study the impact of genetics and the oral microbiome on clinical disease. Learn about our projects and how you can contribute.

  Basepaws utilizes state-of-the-art genetic sequencing methods.

As pioneers in feline genetics, we employ cutting-edge technology that allows us to analyze complete genomes.

Breed Analysis: Unlike most DNA tests for humans and companion animals, our breed relativity test relies on low-pass whole genome sequencing (WGS) and computational imputation, as opposed to DNA microarray technology. Using this method allows us to gain a bird's eye view of the complete genome, instead of focusing on only a handful of variants.

Health Markers: Next Generation Amplicon Sequencing (NGS) is the method Basepaws uses to obtain high-depth information beyond the capacity of traditional DNA sequencing technologies. It requires no prior data, and affords us the ability to efficiently update our health and traits marker panel to include newly discovered markers with much greater speed and agility than companies that use DNA microarrays.

Oral Microbiome Analysis: Most microbiome tests use 16S rRNA gene sequencing. This technique can only be used for identifying bacterial species (and some archaea). Yet the oral microbiome is also host to viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms. To get the whole picture, Basepaws uses shotgun metagenomic sequencing, a method that allows us to capture complete genomes of most microorganisms, not restricting us to only bacteria. We’ve since built the largest oral microbiome reference database (tens of thousands of microbiomes and counting!), which allows us to recognize a multitude of novel associations between diseases and microbes in the mouth, as well as confirm previously reported findings.

 Basepaws makes advanced technology accessible and affordable.

Historically, veterinarians did not have access to advanced genetic testing outside of a university lab. Today, Basepaws brings the power of genetics directly to the veterinary practice with an easy to use swab and comprehensive reports that are simple to understand.  We've made the breed, health DNA and oral microbiome screening tests accessible and affordable to the general practitioner.  These valuable tools enable veterinarians to discuss pet health risks with their clients and encourage adherence to recommendations with evidence-based data that can support treatment plans. 


Bonds You Can Count On

There are multiple bonds in every DNA strand, as well as in the relationships between veterinarian, pet and pet parent. It's our goal at Basepaws to help enrich these essential bonds through the power of genetics. Pets and their veterinarians are at the center of all we do. From research and development to educational resources, our goal is to make the uniqueness of pets—both inside and out—easier to understand! You could say it's in our DNA.

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Our Products

mwi logoBasepaws is proud to partner exclusively with MWI Animal Health, a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen,
to distribute our products to veterinary customers in the U.S.

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Basepaws Baseline
B & H + ORL-DD

DNA Health Markers, Oral Microbiome-Dental Disease Risk plus Simple Breed Relativity Overview

  • dna icon 64 health markers associated with known genetic diseases
  • tooth icon Oral microbiome screening for periodontal disease and tooth resorption risk.
  • cat icon (1) Simple Breed Relativity Overview
  • paw icon Only veterinary exclusive feline DNA test available through distribution.
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Basepaws Baseline
B & H

DNA Health Markers and Simple Breed Relativity Overview


  • dna icon Screens for genetic health markers associated with risk for many clinically relevant diseases.
  • paw health icon Disease descriptions, interpretation guidance and follow-up care considerations provided.
  • dog icon Simple Breed Relativity Overview

Simple Process from DNA to Hooray




DNA is collected through simple patient cheek swab. Simply swab, seal, and shake.

Basepaws Vet Portal


Register each sample's unique barcode online in your Basepaws Veterinary portal.


Seal the swab tube inside the prepaid mailer and mail to the Basepaws lab.

Review Report


Genetic reports and interpretation guidance delivered conveniently via your online Basepaws Veterinary portal.

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Our on-demand veterinary CE courses are designed to keep you current with your credentials, and with the latest research and clinical application of genetics and the oral microbiome.


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Basepaws Veterinary has carefully selected our professional advisory board to include veterinarians from several key specialties and areas of expertise. Additionally, we have included members from critical clinical and business related fields to ensure we continue to serve our veterinary customers with the most relevant information and clinical application.  

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