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Health insights as unique as your pet's DNA

The Basepaws Veterinary genetic screening tool gives valuable insights to help your veterinarian determine the preventive care that's right for your pet.


A simple cheek swab unlocks your pet's genetic health code.

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Why DNA Test?

Unlock your pet's best health

Genetic testing can help your veterinarian uncover potential inherited health risks and help them create a custom-made preventive care plan for your pet. With a simple swab of saliva, your veterinarian can screen for over 200 genetic health markers in dogs and 64 for cats. Plus, your cat's risk of dental disease is also revealed through an analysis of their oral microbiome. To learn more, talk to your veterinarian about how Basepaws Veterinary genetic test can help unlock your pet's best health.

The Process is Simple


Get Your Pet Swabbed

There’s no invasive blood draw. Your veterinary team simply swabs your pet’s mouth and, in seconds, has a sample to submit to the lab. One swab is all it takes, even for pets getting both genetic and oral microbiome testing.

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Await Your Pet's Report

DNA sequencing takes a few weeks. When complete, your veterinarian receives a report that explains any genetic mutations found in your pet's DNA. The screening reveals risk for many common conditions & rare disorders, plus a breed overview.


Partner for Proactive Care

Your veterinarian reviews the results, walks you through them and recommends a custom care plan that helps get ahead of your pet's unique health risks, if any. Depending on results, your veterinarian may recommend lifestyle changes, diagnostics or routine follow-up care and monitoring.

Proactive Pet Care Made Possible

Basepaws Veterinary brings the power of genetics directly to you and your veterinary care team with non-invasive testing and
comprehensive reports your veterinarian can put to use in creating an individualized care plan for your pet.

A simple cheek swab for saliva collection in the exam room provides data for:

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DNA Health Report

A report of any potentially identified genetic mutations associated with disease risk


Dental Disease Risk Report

For feline patients, a report with risk scores for periodontal disease & tooth resorption


Breed Similarity Overview

A report of your pet's three most similar breeds with facts and predispositions

Reveal your pet's hidden health risks and stay a step ahead of potential disease

Feline Conditions (1)

Feline Genetic Conditions

The Basepaws Feline Baseline test screens for 64 DNA health markers that are associated with several genetic diseases. Information from your cat's genetic report can provide your veterinary care team with important insights that can be used to help identify health issues before they become severe. Since cats are often masters at hiding pain and illness, revealing and acting on potential risk factors can make a difference in their health and longevity.

Feline Mouth

Feline Dental Needs

Cats are particularly susceptible to dental health issues. The Basepaws Veterinary oral microbiome test reveals your cat’s risk for periodontal disease and tooth loss, common problems that can make a big impact on overall well-being. To support your cat's oral health, your veterinarian may recommend an oral microbiome screening test.

The Oral Microbiome

Did you know your cat has millions of microorganisms living inside their mouth? This is known as the oral microbiome. Basepaws analyzes the unique composition of these microbes to develop a risk score for dental disease, including periodontal disease and tooth resorption. This risk score (1-10) and category (low-medium-high) can help your veterinarian determine what next steps may be necessary to keep your cat's mouth healthy & pain free.
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Canine Genetic Conditions

The Basepaws Canine Baseline test screens for over 200 DNA health markers. This technology looks into your dog's genome to potentially identify genetic mutations that are associated with many diseases. With this test, your veterinary care team can go beyond breed dispositions, and directly to the risk factors that are specific to your dog. This will help your veterinarian detect issues early, and recommend appropriate care and lifestyle changes.

Easy Sample Collection

See how easy it is to swab your pet for a DNA sample! A simple 5-second buccal (inside cheek) swab, with a soft applicator, by your veterinarian is all it takes. A quick shake and it's on its way to our lab for sequencing!


The Breakdown on Breed

You may be curious to learn more about your pet's breed. From the breed analysis, we provide a report showing your pet's genetic similarity to specific breeds within breed groups in a reference database. Breed reporting is dynamic and can change over time as breed databases expand and new breeds are added.

Talk to your veterinarian today about the benefits of DNA testing for your pet.

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